There is a major recall of a very popular family style frozen dinner because it contains bone fragments. You may want to check your freezer. One of the most popular frozen dinner companies is issuing a recall of more that one hundred thirty five thousand pounds of their top selling foods. Conagra Brands which produces Banquet Salisbury steak frozen dinners is recalling them due to possible contamination with foreign objects.

The recall was issued on Wednesday when many consumers complained and at least three customers reported minor oral injuries from possible bone fragments in the frozen Salisbury steak dinners.

Here is a description of the product being recalled:

27-oz. carton containing plastic shrink-wrapped packages containing 6 pieces of “Banquet FAMILY SIZE 6 SALISBURY STEAKS & BROWN GRAVY MADE WITH CHICKEN, PORK AND BEEF – GRILL MARKS ADDED" with ‘BEST BY’ date of SEP 01 2019 printed on the package.

If you have this item in your freezer, you should return it to the point of purchase or throw it away.

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