Students at Shaker High School in Latham were sent home early on Friday afternoon after a staff member found a .22 caliber cartridge on the floor in the high school. School superintendent D Joseph Corr said Colonie Police responded immediately and are currently investigating the matter.

News Channel 13 is reporting the unnerving news that a .22 caliber cartridge was found inside Shaker High School on Friday afternoon by a staff member.  We have limited details at this time, but in a message displayed on the North Colonie Central Schools website, School superintendent D Joseph Corr said that Colonie Police are currently investigating the matter and that at 12:45 PM on Friday, students were sent home as part of an emergency dismissal.

Many comments made by parents flooded the WNYT Facebook page and some expressed frustration that they weren't notified right away, but most say they received a text message and or an email from the school shortly after 1PM.

Here's in part what the superintendent Corr wrote on the NCCSD website:

"Upon advice of the Colonie Police, all other schools in the district will continue with a regular school day and dismissal as this concern is confined primarily to the high school; however, in an abundance of caution we will have increased police patrols around each elementary school and the junior high school." D Joseph Corr, North Colonie Central School website. 

According to Corr, the school is consulting with the Colonie Police to determine whether or not evening activities or athletic practices or events will be canceled.

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