The state of New York is not an easy place to live, and it turns out we are one of the most stressed out states in America.

According to recent rankings by Zippia,New York is the 5th most stressed out state in the United States. New Jersey lands at #1 on the list, Georgia at #2, Florida #3 and California #4.

So how did Zippia determine this rank for New York?  They based their rankings on the following criteria: commute times, unemployment, hours worked, population density, home price to income ratio and percent uninsured population. Here is what Zippia had to say about the Empire State:

New Yorkers spend more time on their work commutes than any other state. Even if you leave on time, you could easily be late for work with traffic and packed subways. Add that to an extremely high cost of living and it’s no wonder why New Yorkers are so stressed.

Long commute? High cost of living? Yes, I know. It sounds all to familiar, right? But, it's our way of life and we rock it, stress of no stress!

Now, maybe you are thinking - where is the best place to move for the least stress? Well, looking at Zippia's ranking maps the least stressed out region of the country is the Midwest. And those states are typically among the top drinking states when yo read those rankings! Coincidence???

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