When Lisa Vosburgh, the Music Teacher and Mary Sweet, the 4th Grade Teacher at FFCS heard that The Sean + Richie Show was heading into town, they got together and created a song for us! 

I had a scheduling conflict and was trying to juggle things so I could make it out to the school to do a Reading, Writing, and Rhyming - but they just went ahead and did it! How cool! I could get used to this! A huge thanks for being so awesome kids!

Right click HERE to download and save a copy

LYRICS (set to tune of YMCA):

I can believe in myself

I can make others feel happy

I can be responsible

I will do my best every day


I will help myself every day

I will be respectful today

I will shape my future hooray

I will do my best every day


It's fun to learn at FFCS

It's fun to learn at FFCS

You can find many friends

Being caring and kind

You can show others how to succeed