This came to us from a listener this morning on "Open Line Friday ".  It is very bizarre, but for a very worthwhile cause and might give some comic relief to our servicemen overseas.  It's the US Army Tribute Bike Facebook page. 

Does anyone know " Flat Stanley" ?  This kind of reminds me of that.  It's when a little character cut out of cardboard gets sent to someone.  They in turn pass it on and you see how where "Flat Stanley" ends up.  People take pictures of him as well to document where he is.

This is an Army motorcycle.  People take it and put it in bizarre places, and military personnel have to guess where it is.  (I hope I explained it right).

Screen Shot 20 Army Tribute Bike
US Tribute Bike Facebook

You are asked to send this link to a military person and have them like it and pass it on.  They have this bike on a pool table, on a bar - all kinds of weird places.  I'm sure you'll be putting smiles on the faces of hard working service folk.

Actually, when I was on vacation in the Caribbean, I happened to see all of these little bikes parked, so I thought I'd share this just for the heck of it.  I guess they rented these out to people.

motorcyles in Caribbean
photo by Richie Phillips

Ok, they're not army bikes, but that's as close as I could get!   Hats off to servicemen and women everywhere!


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