It's that time of the year again. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining (on some days) and the temperatures are slowly (very slowly) creeping back up. This is the season of motorcycles.

Inevitably someone will comment on this article on social media and blame the cyclist for life threatening accidents, it happens every single time I state a safety reminder. I'll admit, there are definitely some that act reckless on the roads on their bikes. But like anything else, don't let one bad egg leave a bad taste in your mouth about all other responsible bikers.

It's important to take extra caution when you're on all of the major roadways, always but even more so in the warmer weather months because of motorcycles easily ending up in blind spots or going unnoticed in quick movement.

It's even more important to myself and my family because we have been affected by a cycling tragedy. My Aunt was just 46 years old when her and her boyfriend were struck and killed as a car went through a red light back in 2006. A day I know I will never ever forget. A woman who survived a domestically violent marriage and was finally living the happy life she was meant to enjoy, taken far too soon.

Eyes open. Stay alert. Everyone. So we can avoid situations like my Aunt and her boyfriend. So we can all get to our destinations safely. So we can all enjoy the life we are meant to.

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