We are each making decisions every second that we are awake and moving throughout the Capital Region and we’re allowed to make mistakes, we are human after all. But, when you’re behind the wheel of anything you need to take it seriously.

In October of 2006 my Aunt and her boyfriend were out on a nice fall ride on his motorcycle. They loved to ride around the Capital Region for as long as the weather would allow it, but on that Saturday morning it would be their last. In this case, an elderly man, who shouldn't have been behind the wheel due to a number of factors ran a red light and killed my Aunt and her boyfriend. One careless decision; one act of aging reflexes; one moment was enough to take the rest of the moments my family had with someone we love.

Yesterday, my stomach sank as I saw the story of a fatal motorcycle accident in Selkirk. I immediately text anyone I knew who has a bike to make sure they were okay. This morning, driving into work on Rt7 West heading to the Northway, I saw the second of the motorcycle accidents in two days. This one involving a car very similar to my own, same color, same make and model. It was only later that I heard what it involved.

Consider this my personal PSA - BE AWARE OF WHO AND WHAT IS AROUND YOU, PLEASE! It's not just for your own safety but for everyone around you. Motorcycles are very easily overlooked due to their size and blind spots.  As soon as the warm weather hits and until the snow falls, they're out everywhere in the Capital Region. It's very easy to avoid someone having to lose their life and a family having to lose a loved one. It starts with us. So while you're heading out into the Capital Region this weekend, please keep an extra eye out, it could save a life; a life that's more important than how quickly you can get around the guy in front of you.

More on my Aunts story can be found here


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