Christmas is coming quicker than you think and your kids may already be asking about where Santa is. You don't have to wait until Christmas Eve, Google already has their Santa tracker live and it's better than last year!

Google recently updated their Santa Tracker and kids, there's more to this site than just what Santa's up to. Mashable took a look at the website and while you're waiting for Santa to take the air on Christmas Eve, there are some great games you can play.

Google announced that they have added 24 new educational games, one of which will even teach your kid how to code computer programs! They also added an Elf Maker game where you can create your own elf and even teach it how to dance. Also, once Santa starts delivering presents, you can now follow him and all of the reindeer in real time via Google Maps. Santa Tracker also connects to any Google device (Pixel, Google Home, etc) and has the ability to call Santa or listen to a holiday story before bed.

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