The pandemic has been going on for some time but we have just heard word of the first death that this virus has brought to the Capital Region.

Whether you knew the name Walter L. Robb or not, he has done a lot for the Capital Region community. According to the Times Union, Robb became director of General Electric Co.'s research and development center and after retirement gave his time to local inventors and sports teams.

Robb fell ill late last week to the coronavirus and was the first confirmed fatality in this area as a result of it. Robb was known for his work on the computed tomography (CT) scanner and the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine that we all know are still in use today.

Robb also invested in local athletics. He was the owner of the Albany River Rats since 1998 after he retired from GE, and he also owned the Albany Conquest. Robb tried to keep the Albany River Rats in the area, but without a buyer who would do that, he had to sell to someone who eventually moved the team. He was also known for giving time and money to the Double H Ranch for children with serious medical issues.

Robb had quite the resume but his focus was always the Capital Region. He even served on the board at Proctors for more than 20 years. He was a big part of why Proctors is as successful as it is today.

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