Every year I try to find some local fireworks to enjoy for Fourth of July and every year I can't get through it without seeing this one thing. Don't point fingers, you know you're guilty of it too!

Fireworks are beautiful and I'd love to be capture every moment of each firework to watch whenever I wanted but it's not the same. This is why it drives me crazy when I see people filming fireworks on their phone.

If you're taking beautiful pictures of fireworks, for maybe the purpose of printing and hanging in your house or maybe you want it as your phone background or if you're a professional photographer, have at it. If you don't fit in one of those categories, what are you doing? I saw the fireworks at Rivers Casino in Schenectady on Tuesday and a ton of people had their phone out. Put it down, you're not going to watch that video or look at those fireworks pictures ever again. Plus, you're just going to do it the next time you see them so put it down.

Explore the world around you through your eyes, not through a screen. People seem to do the same thing for concerts too but that's a completely different post for a different day. If you tape fireworks and go back to watch them in the future, then I apologize but nobody does so put the phone down!

Jessica Sims/ Townsquare Media
Jessica Sims/ Townsquare Media

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