We all know there are dangers involved in the world of online dating. Whether it's on mobile apps like Tinder or paid websites like Match.com there's always a risk involved when meeting someone new. Just how safe is it in the Capital Region to meet strangers?

Recently, we've been talking about my dating life and my personal experiences on Tinder. It's all in good fun however, there are risks that people take when using dating services.

How safe is it to date in New York? Though it isn't the most dangerous, I wish it were safer.

The website High Speed Internet has ranked all 50 states by safety. The safest place to find true love online is Vermont and the worst is Alaska.

New York ranked 32, as the safest to meet strangers online.  The site put many statistics into account like, violent crime and STD's.

Though the state of New York is not by any means the most dangerous state to meet people online, it's not the safest. Please stay safe and use precautions when using dating websites.



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