Over the years I have smelled Pumpkin Pie, Fruity This and Fruity that and every other candle on the planet. Now there is finally one I can enjoy.

It's the most genius idea ever: a steak scented candle from the folks at A1 Steak Sauce!

If you have any scented candles in your home, Yankee or otherwise, this scenario has played out: you are at the candle store, your wife or girlfriend is sniffing every candle in the store, and you are just not into it. But I bet if there was a steak scented candle there you would start sniffing, right?

Well, thanks to the folks at A1 there are now steak scented candles in 3 glorious flavors that will please the caveman in anyone: original meat, backyard barbeque and burger candle. Imagine being able to take in the sweet smell of a steak anytime you wish. Or enjoying BBQ without the mess? These are right up your alley, or maybe you could get these as a gift for the steak lover in your life. (Hey, Father's Day is right around the corner!)

If you want these to drown out the smell of all those fruity candles in your house, you can order them here.

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