We have all heard of marinating meat with a can of beer. Well now Budweiser is skipping the middle man and offering its own beer infused meat line. Soon it will be grilling weather and we will all have some new delicious options thanks to Budweiser. According to Delish.com, Budweiser has teamed up with Coleman Natural's to bring to a grocery store near you this summer.

There are several new meat options that will be infused with Budweiser beer. There are Budweiser-infused Beer Brats that will be available in Jalapeno Cheddar flavor. There will also be Classic Pulled Pork and St. Louis Style Spareribs in Budweiser sauce.

All of these Budweiser meats are made with antibiotic and crate free all natural Coleman pork and slow roasted. They are also pre-cooked so it cuts down on your grilling time.

Look for these new meats in your favorite grocery store this summer.

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