Were you at the sold out Morgan Wallen show at Upstate Concert Hall on Friday? Before the show, Jess caught up with Morgan about tour life, a tattoo that almost happened, and what he's trying to sway Jess into doing.

Morgan Wallen will be joining the "Can't Say I Ain't Country" tour with Florida Georgia Line in June. The tour isn't coming to Saratoga this year, but we were happy to at least see Morgan perform at Upstate Concert Hall.

He mentioned on Twitter potentially getting a "tour dog" but when asked about it, apparently someone swayed him in another direction. What you may not know about Morgan is that dogs aren't the only things he has to have on his bus, he even revealed his favorite scents and one of them is...a color?

Also, did you hear about the tattoo that almost happened? Apparently, Morgan almost got a tattoo recently but when it was his turn, something changed.

I know you're curious, yes, he has the mullet and who knows, after talking to Morgan Wallen, by summertime, I may too!


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