So you booked your flight to Cancun and you're psyched, right?  You board the plane expecting a great excursion, and more importantly you hope not to get attacked by bacteria. Well, you might have a hard time avoiding it, according to this study.

We've all read these reports before, but I was a little more surprised about this one than the others.

According to Travelmath, they sent a scientist around to swab certain areas of an aircraft.  You would think the bathroom would take the prize for "grossness". NO!

787 Dreamliner Aircraft Previewed Ahead Of Singapore Airshow
Getty Images

The food tray table beat out the bowl.  It had 2,155 CFU per square inch.  The overhead vent came in second, then the toilet flush button, followed by the seat buckle.

But ACTUALLY if you play your cards wrong, you could get sick way before you even get on the craft.  The water fountain button is the worst spot in the airport itself.

Moral of the story - stay home.  Actually, bad idea too.  When is the last time you sanitized your kitchen counter?

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