This latest viral airline video has surfaced of a Delta passenger Brian Schear of Huntington Beach, California,  being told that he and his wife Brittany, along with their two young children ages 2 and 1, had to exit the plane or they would risk being thrown in jail and their kids put in foster care.  Would you have exited the plane with your baby and toddler?

It's been a lousy few months for the airline industry.  Overbooked flights overall poor customer service has led to a litany of aggressive, confrontational, and downright abusive treatment from the airline employees towards it's passengers.


The Schear family had their 2 year old child occupying a car seat (while the 1 year old was being held by it's mother) and that's when the Delta employee informed them that their rules stipulate that BOTH children needed to be in the seat with either parent, being held in their arms. Brian argued that since he paid for the seat, he had the right to use it to secure his child safely.  The Delta employees seemed to disagree.  The FAA however contradicts that statement with guidelines of their own. The Schears gave up their seats, exited the plane, and were forced to find a hotel that evening and pay an additional $2,000 to find another flight home.

The airline industry is a mess right now and while there are plenty of choices out there, are any of them worth the hassle?



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