The TSA announced new procedures last week that will gradually be enforced over all airports in the country. It may help the flight go by faster but bringing these electronic devices through TSA may make wait times longer.

I understand that the TSA does what they have to do to keep us safe in the air and I thank goodness that they do their jobs properly and I feel safe when I fly somewhere but that doesn't mean I'm going to be upset waiting through the new process. TSA announced that they will be implementing strong procedures for electronic devices.

Any electronics that are larger than a cell phone will now have to be placed in its own bin for X-ray screening in standard lanes. They've tested this at 10 airports and it's worked well so the procedures will be gradually expanded to other airports. This is how laptops have been screened in the past but the regulations are now expanded to anything bigger than a cell phone. The TSA did warn that passengers may experience more bag checks but hope by putting more TSA agents to guide the new regulations, it won't slow things down too much.

This stronger security does not apply to passengers enrolled in TSA Pre✓® who are using TSA Pre✓® lanes.

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