Do you have a teenager? If you do I think you will agree there is always something, something about them you just can't seem deal with and you talk to them, fight with them, ground them and nothing seems to work. So what do you do? Have you ever thought about going to some extreme to get your point across? Well this guy did, and from what I understand so far, it has worked.

Stock Photo, Getty Images
Stock Photo, Getty Images

A soldier in Ludowici, Georgia who did not want to be identified was sick of his daughter's bedroom always being a mess so he took matters into his own hands and into the driveway. Yes, while his daughter was at school  this father moved all of the furniture from his daughter's bedroom and put it in the driveway. There it all was for all the world to see complete with a big sign that said, "Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time."

Apparently , she got the message and as recompense he is having her room painted while all of her things are outside. Makes sense.

So, I have to admit that recently I thought if my son doesn't keep his bathroom clean I should  take pictures of it and tag him in them. I'm pretty sure if he knew the world was going to see it , he'd make sure it looked great. I would never really do that though, I just can't see going to that extreme.... yet.  What is the most extreme measure you have taken with your kids? How far is too far?

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