Hoosick Falls, you were fantastic!  So many nice people to thank.  We hate to leave you, but the Small Town Tour keeps rolling alone.  Next stop?  The Schuylerville area in Saratoga County


Schuylerville and neighboring Victory Mills are the next stop on the Small Town Tour (where we bring the entire Sean and Richie dog and pony show to a local diner .

This will actually be a double call to action:  We are going to Victory Mills next Friday, May 18th, and on May 25th we will be in Schuylerville, which coincidentally is all in the same area.

So here is the plan.  Being that there is no school in Victory Mills, I would love to go to one of the Schuylerville Elementary classrooms next week (any grade from 2nd to 5th would do).  I will then write a song with the kids about the town, and much like we did with Hoosick Falls, the song will air on the day of the live broadcast.  We may even play the kids' song twice being that we are talking about the same school system.

Screen shot Schuylerville

If you are a teacher in that school or know of one who would be kind enough to let me in one day next week at around 11am, that would be great.

Feel free to email me at richie@wgna.com. We can't wait to see ya'll.

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