The one question I always get asked about the area, "What's the place you'd go to eat that only people in Schenectady know about?" Do you know how hard of a question that is? That's why I need your help!

Thrillist was covering the Best Small Town restaurants state-by-state. Apparently, for New York, if you haven't been to the Phoenicia Diner in Phonecia, in the Catskills off of Route 28, you're missing out. According to the author, the diner has everything you want an old-school diner to be equipped with: narrow lunch counter, retro decor, country-fried steak, and pie, of course.

I want it more local, though. I've had some great food in some great restaurants in the Capital Region but there's no way I've tried them all. Think of where you're from and let me know what you think is the best small town restaurant in your city/town.

I'm from Schenectady and we have some fantastic Italian restaurants in the area. Petta's used to be the hideaway place to go but it's not there anymore. Next, I'd have to say Marino's Flying Pizza. If you're from Schenectady, there's no way you haven't raved about the pizza and antipasto from here. What would you pick?

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