Many area malls and grocery stores have extended their hours for the holidays.  So if you're like me, have no fear!  You can still shop tonight even after the kids go to bed or after you're done doing the million and half other things you have to do in order to earn money to buy holiday gifts. Or if you forget that one ingredient for your green bean caserole, you'll still be able to hit up the store.

Here is a list of local shopping malls where there are extended hours:


Crossgates - 8am to 11pm now through Friday, December 22nd

8am to 5pm on Christmas Eve, but closed Christmas Day

the day after Christmas, 8am to 9:30pm

Colonie Cntr - 8am to 11pm today

7am to 11pm Thursday and Friday

7am to 6pm on Christmas Eve

7am to 9:30pm day after Christmas

Wilton Mall - 8am to 8pm December 21st to December 23rd

6am to 6pm on Christmas Eve

9am to 9:30pm the day after Christmas

Rotterdam Square Mall - 8am to 10pm now through December 23rd

7am to 6pm on Christmas Eve

9:30am to 9pm the day after Christmas

Aviation Mall - 8am to 10pm now through December 23rd

6am to 6pm on Christmas Eve

9am to 9pm the day after

Clifton Park Center - 9am to 10pm now through December 23rd

8am to 6pm on Christmas Eve

10am to 9pm the day after Christmas

As for the grocery stores, Price Chopper, Hannaford and ShopRite will all be closed on Christmas Day.  Price Chopper will be closing on Christmas Eve at 6pm, but reopening at 6am, December 26th;  Hannaford will also close at 6pm;  and ShopRite will be closing at 7pm.  If you frequent a 24-hour Walmart, they will be closing at 8:30pm on Christmas Eve and also closed Christmas Day.

What is open on Christmas Day?  Good question!  Walgreens and certain 24-hour CVS locations will be open, but make sure you call ahead to be sure.

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