There's an old saying that the best camera to have is the one you have on you at the time.  And since my good camera was scammed on Ebay (yea, I'm not bitter), all  I had with me was my compact camera and my cellphone.  But with these fall colors and today's technology, you can still look like a photographic genius!

Here's a short gallery for you. Maybe this will inspire you to go out and take shots

Brant lake 1

Look at that water on Brant Lake in the Adirondacks!

Brandt Lake 2

Same lake (ok-my camera had an effect you can use called "paint" to make it look like a painting-so this is a little doctored up) but look at those colors!

Brant Lake Pano

This camera is the one that Ashton Kutcher advertises.  It's a little Nikon that automatically stitches shots together into a panorama.  You just "sweep" the camera across the scene and -voila!!  But you stil would have a lousy shot if the scenery wasn't pretty to begin with!

Brant Lake 3

Again, you can't take a bad picture around here in the fall.  I dare you!


Birds flying south


I caught these birds in the sky in Niskayuna in "fly south" formation.  What idiots!  Where are they going, Florida?  Stupid birds.  Look down!  Isn't it prettier here than flat, ugly Florida??

I could bore you with alot more shots.  If you'd like to see the slides of our last 5 vacations, please leave a comment below and we can arrange it.  But seriously-go out and take some photos this weekend, and if they come out good (how can they not?) send them to and I'll post them.   Enjoy!


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