This song is something I have not played on the air.  This is my very first online only song. I thought it was especially fitting,  being that this ditty is about getting ripped off online!  I am literally steaming mad.  I haven't even told "you know who" yet, because I know he'll rib me about it on the air, and I'm a little sensitive right now.  


camera photo

This is the item in question.  Not a scratch on it. A Nikon D3100.   Sold with all the original packaging ( the software is still in plastic-never even used it once!)  Loved the camera, but I hated the  LCD screen on it. Couldn't see if the photos were sharp or not.  That's the only reason I was trading up!)

But as you are about to hear, it didn't go too well.

I will say that I'm not necessarily bashing Ebay or Paypal YET.  I was told by Paypal that it might be covered, and  I might get reimbursed.   I guess that will leave room for a part 2 of this song!

Have you ever been "taken" online?  Would love to know.  Maybe we can do lunch.  I'm so depressed!!!


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