Computers, smartphones, tablets, you name it, one way or the other we are almost always "plugged in" to the internet. But when everything is added up how busy is the information super highway really? The answer is really a little mind boggling.

flickr User, Julay Cat
flickr User, Julay Cat

According to every 60 seconds on line is a virtual flurry of activity. In fact in the 30 seconds you have taken reading so far, 36 HOURS of videos have been uploaded to YouTube, and 1800 photos were uploaded to Instagram.

Honestly, numbers like this would have been completely inconceivable even 5 years ago let alone 10 or 20. It really makes you wonder where it is all headed.

So what else happens every 60 seconds on the internet? Well how bout these amazing facts, in 60 seconds:

  • 204 MILLION emails get sent.
  • Amazon takes $83,000 of your money.
  • 1.4 Million conversations are happening on Skype.
  • 278,000 tweets get sent on Twitter.
  • Walmart completed 17.000 transactions.
  • 2 Million searches were made through Google
  •  41,000 new posts hit Facebook .... EVERY SECOND.

And you, read this article... for that I thank you!



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