The cost of internet and cable is about to go up for Spectrum customers.

Maybe like me you cut the cord recently to save on your cable bill. Or, maybe you have been holding on and waiting for the last straw to push you to streaming services. Either way, our Spectrum bills are about to go up for internet and TV.

According to a WNYT report, Spectrum will be introducing new higher rates this month. Gold, Silver and Select TV service will all see a $8 price increase while standard internet will see a $4 hike from $65.99 to $69.99. The cable TV packages will now cost $112.49, $92.49 and $72.49 respectively according to WNYT. Ouch!!

So lets say now you have the most basic TV service which is now $72.49 and internet; that sends your bill over $140! Now maybe there is bundling, but who knows how much that will help you save. Regardless, you have to imagine they are losing revenue to those 'cutting the cord.' And I bet this latest bump will just push many more to finally cancel their TV cable.

Maybe with all the competition from streaming, Spectrum should consider a price cut or a special to keep us or maybe bring us back? Just a thought.

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