I think everyone knows the dance called the Electric Slide. I've deejayed plenty of wedding receptions and parties where people joined in for the line dance.

Now we have a way for you to do the dance and help out for a great cause - Susan G. Komen For The Cure to raise funds towards a cure for breast cancer. This Sunday, September 25, you can join GNA's Kevin Richards and myself, as we travel across the Hudson River from Albany to host the City Wide Electric Slide, in Rennselaer. This event is being presented by City Texans of Rennselaer, and Kevin has been hosting every year. I was honored when he asked me to join him.

The dance will start at Riverfront park in Rennselaer. According to Kevin, last year, the line went all the way to the train station. You can register at the park starting at 12 noon and then we start the city wide Electric Slide at 1:00 p.m.

Bring your friends and family and join Kevin and myself to have some fun and help raise much needed funds. Hey Kevin, I need a refresher course. It's been a while since I did the Electric Slide.