If you've been to the Saratoga Race Course so far this track season there is a chance you've seen two women standing out among the crowd. If you haven't seen them with your own eyes, you've probably heard of them and wondered, "what's that all about?"

Their names are Sara and Alice, ages undisclosed but their purpose is strong.

What seems to be just a stunt of bringing people luck at the Saratoga Race Course (the women have strategically painted lucky shamrocks on their bare, naked chests) is actually something so much more than that. Oh, and by the way, it's completely legal.

They place themselves just outside of the track property and wave as patrons make their way closer. "Most people do a double take," Sara told the Daily Gazette, "I would say 95 percent is cool and positive and that's awesome. Then the other 5 percent says negative things, like 'Put a shirt on' or 'I'll buy you a shirt.'"

So why are they standing and waving with smiles, topless, as people enter the Saratoga Race Course? Breast cancer awareness. The girls have started a group, that is currently unnamed, but is to help people with breast cancer primarily, as well as other cancers, pay their bills.

Sara said of one patient, "I just went to the food pantry yesterday and brought this lady dog food, toilet paper and laundry detergent. She had none of it."

The girls don't ask for tips, but they do carry little silver gift bags in hope for donations for their cause.

To each their own, right? And listen, if it brings more awareness because of a "shock" value of sorts, maybe it'll stick with people a little better.

Watch out for the ladies at your next track stop!

To find out more about the legalities and about the women involved visit here.


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