I don't know if you have heard yet but meteorologist are getting crazy lately about the potential El Nino that we will be experiencing this year. In fact they say that it could be even stronger than the El Nino of 1997. SO, what does that mean for us? They say it should mean a warmer drier winter. I will gladly take that.

Some people however could get a whole lot more precipitation than normal and much colder temperatures, I guess this is the one time the North East get lucky when it comes to the weather. The southern part of the United States can expect the rain and the cold while the West cold will just have more rain than normal, however they also say not enough to even come close to off-setting the 4 years of drought they have been facing.

I'm not a scientist though so I should probably leave it to the experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration explain the effects of El Nino to you in this short video.