The area around Rivers Casino is growing!

I am so excited to hear that the Rivers Casino and Mohawk Harbor complex is becoming such a destination area. I think it's going to become an amazing tourist destination for our area, and not just because it's a casino.


When the Rivers Casino news hit a few years ago, I was so excited.  You know, a casino so close.  But now, seeing everything they have done and are creating, I am more excited because it’s not only a casino, it’s a destination.  There will be bike paths, hotels, spas, restaurants and now it's the new Druthers Brewery location!

Druthers Brewing announced it will move into the casino complex, Mohawk Harbor, this Summer. Druthers Brewing will be the first to agree to lease space in the new Riverhouse in Mohawk Harbor.  This will be the third location for Druthers Brewing.

I can’t wait to see what else will be coming to the area!

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