Two members of the Security EMT Staff at Rivers Casino and Resort in Schenectady were honored by the Mayor on Thursday after their heroic efforts literally saved a man's life back on November 14th.

According to the press release sent out by Rivers Casino, the two workers hailed as heroes for saving a guests life are Security EMT's Melinda (Mindy) Cooper-Killenberger and Kyle Brownel.

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The incident according to Rivers, took place back on November 14th.  That's when a male guest collapsed to the floor and the two EMT's were called to the scene.  They responded quickly, but according to the press release, time was clearly of the essence as they quickly determined that the man had no pulse and that's when they began performing CPR.

In addition to CPR, Rivers Security also utilized an AED defibrillator and called 911.

"Through their quick action and medical intervention, the officers were able to resuscitate the guest and restore his pulse, and then transfer him to the care of Schenectady Fire Department paramedics," the Rivers Casino and Resort Schenectady press release noted. 

As a result of their heroic actions, the two life-savers were honored by city officials and the Schenectady fire chief.

Accpording to the release, Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy and Schenectady Fire Chief Ray Senecal presented both Cooper-Killenberger and Brownel with an official Mayoral Proclamation for "their heroic and lifesaving work."


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