How is this a thing?

A company called Osmosis Skincare just introduced a new product - the world's first DRINKABLE SUNSCREEN!

This summer, instead of slathering yourself up with sticky, greasy, slimy sunscreen, you can just put a few drops of this stuff in your water . . . and the company says it'll protect your skin just like an SPF 30 sunscreen!

There's only one catch, the company's website doesn't really have any supporting evidence that this stuff actually works.... so, basically, you're taking their word for it!

The company says you need about two milliliters of the drink every four hours you're in the sun to stay protected.  The bottles are 100 milliliters, so you get 200 hours in the sun from one bottle.  They sell for $30 online.

I am thinking about all those times in Florida when I took the kids to the beach and they screamed and squirmed while I slathered and sprayed sunscreen on them, and all the times I forgot to put it on myself, or when my beloved goes golfing without a hat and comes back with a red bald spot.

If this stuff really works, those things will be a thing of the past!

Are you in?

Photo Illustration by Ian Waldie/Getty Images