Very exciting!  The Golden Globe Awards, Sunday nite on NBC starting at 8PM.   This is the 68th Awards Show, by the way.  (No, I don't remember the first one, Sean!!!)

I always feel very inferior watching these shows, because invariably I haven't seen 99% of the movies being nominated.  Ironically, we just came back from seeing "Black Swan" (which sounded like it was going to be a Disney flick---- ahhhhhhh-----NOT!!!)     Natalie Portman was tremendous in that movie, BTW.  But I'm not telling you any more!  This is a family blog!

Ok, looking at the list, I did see The Town (good), Burlesque (which I thought was great and everyone else thought it sucked),  Wall Street-Money Never Sleeps (but I did 10 minutes into it!),  and in the TV category I've seen Boardwalk Empire (love it),  30 Rock, Modern Family (hysterical) and the Office.    Not exactly worthy to be a Roger Ebert, by any means!

If you want to see all of the nominees in one convenient spot, you can go right to the Golden Globes Website.    Enjoy the show!   --now excuse me--I need a cold shower......(Black Swan after-effects)