If you in the midst of a renovation project, or plan on doing one in the near future, you can help out Habitat For Humanity by recycling your old materials.

As you may have hear me talking about on the air, my wife Stacy and I are in the midst of remodeling our kitchen, installing great new Merrilat cabinets and Cambria countertops from Curtis Lumber. And one of the things we did not do was go all HGTV on the demo of the old kitchen.

You've have seen these shows where they go in and just destroy the old materials as they clear then out for the new. But in many cases, materials can be re-used. Especially kitchen cabinets if they are in decent shape. That was the case with our old kitchen. Our cabinets while certainly not brand new still had some life in them if they get reconditioned, so we carefully removed them and set them aside until we figured out what to do with them.

After a little research, my wife discovered Habitat For Humanity will recycle old materials and sell them in their 'Restore' to raise money for their home projects to help provide affordable housing. Plus, the store offers materials, furniture, appliances and more at a low cost for those looking for more affordable materials to refurbish. Once we learned this, we could not think of a better use for these materials. We not only felt good donating them to this worthy cause, but they even picked them up from our home free of charge!

So if you have some materials you would like to donate, click here. And it will add a lot of extra feel good to your home renovation project when you do it!

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