As we prepare to have our countertops installed, we have enjoyed the excitement of having a dishwasher again!

I know it sounds crazy, but just being able to throw the dishes in the dishwasher and not having to wash them in our laundry room sink has been such an enjoyable experience. All kidding aside, we took the final steps this week to be fully set for our Cambria Countertop install with Curtis Lumber. We got the plumbing hooked up and reinstalled our dishwasher, plus we we got our new microwave in.  This room is REALLY looking like a kitchen again. And a little downtime while we wait for those countertops allowed us to finish drywalling our family room, which we are also renovating right now:


The funny thing is once we got this done, we started getting more quotes from Curtis Lumber on cabinets to go next to our fireplace and some of the Cambria Countertop material to put on the floor in front of the fireplace. It's the home reno snowball, and it just keeps going! Good thing we have a great place like Curtis to get our materials and know-how.


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