As our kitchen really starts to look like a kitchen again, we are ready for the next step: countertops!

We are really seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on this project now Tuesday morning some pros will come in to make templates for our beautiful new Cambria Countertops. Ones they get installed, we will have a functional kitchen again! That's when we will get the pluming all set on our sink and we can abandon the tiny sink in our laundry room for a real kitchen sink!.

I tell ya what: as we have put the last few screws in on these cabinets over the last week and made some final tweaks, we have felt super accomplished. Working with Curtis Lumber on this project has allowed us to do the job ourselves - their knowledge and planning were super helpful And these Cambria Countertops are the last big piece of the puzzle! The are absolutely beautiful and will really tie the whole kitchen together. Plus, with 2 kids they also make sense: they are non-porous and will not stain, and they do not need to be treated like other materials!

So when you get the next update - you will see a fully functional kitchen again! Although, with the countertops in - it may not be as much fun for the kids!


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