After vacations and time away this summer, we are getting back to work on our home renovation including the finishing touches on our new kitchen!

And this has really been the most rewarding stage of our kitchen renovation. After pushing pause earlier this summer on our renovation, we have been getting back to work putting the finishing touches on our new kitchen from Curtis Lumber! And what a rewarding few weeks it has been watching the final product really come together!

Between having our crown moulding installed by a pro to laying down our new flooring, the full look of our kitchen design from Curtis Lumber has really come together to everything we have dreamed of. The Cambria countertops are absolutely stunning, and the tall Merrilat Cabintes combined with the crown moulding really make the kitchen appear more spacious than it really is. The most rewarding part of it all is knowing we did most of the work ourselves.

And here is the funny thing. As we hit the final stretch putting in a few final pieces of moulding, the work on the home, well that doesn't end. Once you get the know how to get things done, the reno list just snowballs and keep on growing. We already have a long list of projects we plan to tackle and now have the expertise to tackle them because of all the know how we learned from the pros at Curtis. And we now know where to go when we need more know how to get a job done right!

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