Any other Valentine's Day this gift would have gotten me a first class ticket to the dog house, but this year is the exception.

This Valentine's Day we are in the midst of remodeling our kitchen, and having a farmhouse sink was high on my wife Stacy's wish-list for our new kitchen. In fact, when we first met with our kitchen design pro Kerri at Curtis Lumber, one of the first things Stacy told her we had to have in our plans was this sink. Kerri worked it right in and it will really be a centerpiece in our new kitchen.

So as we fight through living without a kitchen for the time being, this little 'gift' (It's really for the whole family) was just what the doctor ordered to put a smile on Stacy's face. While there are sooo many benefits to doing a kitchen remodel by yourself (Saving money, custom design and the reward of doing the work) there are many challenges - upset living quarters, trying to prep meals and doing everything else with 2 kids in the house. It is not easy and Stacy bears the brunt of it with the kiddos all day.

But as we start getting the pieces together for our new kitchen, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and can see our new kitchen coming together before our eyes.

Now, how can I get away with buy the largest flat screen TV possible for Stacy next year? I probably don't want to push my luck. I think I'll just cook her a nice dinner in our new beautiful new Curtis Lumber kitchen for Valentine's Day next year.

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