Home renovation can be super rewarding, but it also comes with sacrifices. But there is one super awesome perk and reward for your hard work: a whole lotta takeout!

In fact, we are eating so much takeout, we should have built that into our kitchen renovation budget! We have been spending so much time working on the house after hours we have been hitting up our favorite local Chinese and Pizza places a whole lot. And well, then there is the fact our kitchen is no longer fully functional.


Our fridge is in the dining room with the microwave and coffee maker, and the circuit for our stove has been shut off so we can start pulling up a few last pieces of flooring.

But this is honestly the best part of the process. Once we get a little drywall work wrapped up, we will see the space of our new kitchen coming together. In fact, if you look closely at the photo above you can see our Curtis Lumber kitchen design. As we begin to alter the space, we can start to feel our new kitchen taking shape. That really has been the best part about working with Curtis: the vision Kerri our design pro put together has been our motivation to get all the work done.

That and well, lots of takeout.



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