Every morning at 8:10, 'The Sean and Richie Show" does a feature called "The Good News." Let's face it, the world is full of bad news and catastrophes and the media is falling all over itself to bring it to you. Really, just watching the news every night could lead you to depression. So as I like to say on the show everyday, that is why we bring you now... "The Good News."

Getty Images, Stock Photo
Getty Images, Stock Photo

On Wednesday in England, a man was walking his dog in the park. Fortunately, on this day he was walking his German Shepard, Jade, without a leash.

During the walk, Jade ran off into the bushes and would not come when her owner, Roger Wilday called her. After trying to coax her out, he investigated and found Jade sitting next to a bag-with a baby in it!

The baby was one day old and doctors say if Jade hadn't of found her, she would only have lived a matter of hours in the elements alone. As of right now, medically she is doing great and they expect her to be just fine.

Authorities do not know who abandoned the baby but they are investigating and trying to find the mother. In the meantime, "Baby Jade" is doing well.

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