Sorry, but I had to ask the question.  I put out the call to this very nice town in the Capital Region for information so I could write a song about Glenville.  I tried everything, folks!  I'm just one man.  I had to go with what I had, so here's the little ditty I came up with.

This song was performed live on the air. It's basically paying homage to Facebook friend Jen Cramer Boni who gave me most of the information used

mp3 version (right click to downloard)

Google maps

There you have it.  This of course was "tongue-in-cheek".  Love ya, Glenville.  I guess you win some and you lose some. If you would like a song written about YOUR town though, please send me some beginning facts along with it so I have something to start with.  Send all your info to .  Pictures are welcome as well. If you'd like to hear samples of other songs that have been done in the past, you can do so here