On Wednesday, a public nonprofit and advocacy group Environmental Working Group released a searchable website breaking down all of the contaminants in water and their effects. Type in your zip code and see what may be lurking in your water!

Apparently the site does the same thing as the EPA site much much easier to understand and digest for those of us who aren't used to these facts and figures. Some of the findings reported that over 4 million Americans live in an area where the contaminants exceed what is legally allowed and even those legal levels aren't necessarily safe, according to Gizmodo.

CLICK HERE, type in your zip code, select your home's water source and see not only the contaminant levels in your water but where they come from.

I typed in Albany, Schenectady, and Troy for the tri-cities to see how they did. Albany City water had 7 contaminants that increase the risk of cancer above health code violations. Schenectady only had 2 contaminants and Troy only had 1 contaminant. If you're curious about your water, type in your zip code and see what it says.

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