I was watching a documentary on Netflix recently with my girlfriend about dog behavior and how your dog perceives and understands reality called A Dog's Life.  Samathana and I have two little doggies named Biggie and Tiny - both of them a type of silky/Yorkie  terrier.  It's obvious to me (and anyone around us) that Tiny adores Sam, while Biggie is a bit of a daddy's boy.  Anyways, one of the tricks that pet experts say is a fun way to tell 'attached' your dog may be to you is by doing something in front of them you do every day; yawn.  If the dog begins to 'yawn' as well, in theory, it would mean that the animal has a strong connection to you.  Samantha and I tried to 'yawn' on purpose multiple times around the dogs and I couldn't get either dog to reciprocate.  I wasn't surprised.  In fact, it was kind of funny to see both doggies look back at me as if to say, 'If you're tired, go to bed old man! ' Samantha kept trying the trick the next day, and she got better results than I did.  Here's the audio from our show last week that complete's the story.  Enjoy...hopefully you won't 'yawn' during our segment.

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