I hate putting up the Christmas lights, not so much the tree and indoor stuff, it's the outside decorations that are tough. Seriously, I'd love to find the first person who started this tradition and punch him right in the nose. I guess that would clearly be lacking in the spirit of the holiday though.

Let's see what our listener wrote in today: "Hey Guys, as soon as Thanksgiving was over, my family started talking about putting the Christmas decorations up.Every year I slave away doing the Christmas lights outside, and I'm not even sure my wife and kids appreciate it. It takes me at least five hours to get all the decorations up, my kids come outside for five minutes, look at the lights and go back inside.


Instead of all the hassle, I've decided to hire a professional to put my Christmas lights up for me. My wife says this is a wast of money, and that I should have more Christmas spirit.

Is it weird to have your Christmas lights professionally done? Is the blood, sweat and tears of putting the lights up a part of the holiday experience?"

Here is how our listeners handles this dilemma: