Here on the Tech Talk segment, I'm always looking for that one person who embodies all things nerdy.  This guy takes the cake (and I mean that in a good way) .

According to a story at,  this guy in France had in his possession over 7,000 video games, including every game ever made for Sega Nintendo and NEC  all factory sealed .  And that wasn't everything.  He kept a couple of thousand for himself and sold the rest on Ebay  for  (drumroll) $1.2 million dollars

E3 Gaming Conference Begins In Los Angeles

I don't' think these people collectively own that many games!   He had among other things Nintendo Virtual Boy  and Sega Dreamcast .  He had very rare things, like one of only 2 copies of one Genesis Game called  Go Net .   To be exact, according to the article, it was a sucker - I mean gentleman from  Canada who paid $1,230,699.99 plus $1230.70 for shipping.  That's one hell of a Paypal transaction.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

And reminding you again of something very cool.  Jerry Seinfeld is trying a high tech experiment.  This could be the show about SOMETHING.  It’s called Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and it could be a series that you can only see on the web.  Larry David is on the show as well as Alec Baldwin, and it's just Jerry going for coffee with his favorite comedian friends and shooting the "you know what"  It airs tomorrow night at 9pm, and here's the link to where you can see it

Enjoy, folks.





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