Easter is on Sunday (believe it or not) and among other very important things, I think candy. The website Influenster created a new map about state favorites, do you agree with New York's? And what's so wrong with peeps?!

To clarify the map, it's not necessarily about the state's favorite candies but what's most "buzzed about" in each state, according to Mashable. First and foremost, you go New York, because Resse's Peanut Butter Eggs are delicious and anyone who tells us otherwise, we don't need that negativity.

I was more surprised by just how many people hate Peeps. Are they the best Easter candy? Not at all! But, they're just marshmallow, granulated sugar, and sometimes chocolate. Where's the bad? For example, some states hated on White Chocolate Reese's Cups and as amazing a candy Reese's are, those are disgusting.

We did a One Gotta Go this morning and there's so much hate for Peeps! Please, explain to me, what's so bad? Also, is your favorite Easter candy different from what the rest of New York thinks?

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