Wouldn't you love to know what secrets lie deep in the archive of the highly classified (and guarded) government files that supposedly exist at Area 51.  Area 51 remains a mystery to most, but come September 20th, that may all change.  Or not.  If you believe what has been trending on Facebook, over 500,000 people have signed up to storm Area 51 and get to the bottom of it because 'They can't stop us all!'

Is the mysterious Area 51 (about an hours drive from Las Vegas) simply a top-secret training and developmental facility for United States Air Force aircraft and weaponry? Is Area 51 used as a lab for storage and examination for malfunctioning UFO's and extraterrestrials? I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle but I'm not exactly sure where that 'middle' is. Like, I don't think that there are bodies of extraterrestrials in there - you know like the photos we see of aliens with those big bug eyes, balloon shaped forehead and narrow jawline - but I do believe that there is some sort of physical evidence that intelligent lifeforms from another planet do in fact exist.

Perhaps it's just a piece of an extraterrestrial aircraft made out of some material that can't be replicated by humans.  Or maybe it's high resolution video footage of an aircraft maneuvering in ways that our aircraft and pilots can't.

Here's the thing, it's either all or nothing.  Either we have all the evidence to suggest that alien life-form outside of our planet exists, or we have nothing. Aliens wouldn't only come here, crash here, fly here, communicate here and hang out here once in the 1950's and then never come back.  These would be repeat visits, repeat encounters, repeat proof, multiple bodies, multiple aircraft.  That's what so fascinating to me.  But I don't in my heart of hearts believe that hard proof exists. But I want to...really badly I want to believe it.

Come September 20th, thanks to Facebook, we may in fact find out.  But I 'believe' in those Facebook Area 51 gatecrashers about as much as I 'believe' in aliens welcoming them through the doors.


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