Area 51

I Went Down The UFO Rabbit Hole And There’s No Turning Back
Last weekend a buddy of mine turned me on to a few documentaries about Area 51, alien spacecraft, the Air Force and Navy pilots who've witnessed 'something crazy in the sky' and one man in particular; his name is Bob Lazar.  I've always considered myself somewhat of a skeptic on anything, not just U…
Free Beer For Aliens At Area 51
Since there was a Facebook event posted to "storm Area 51", the internet has been crazy with ideas of what is hidden on the government compound. Now a beer company is offering free suds to aliens if they get out.
Do Aliens Exist? We May Find Out On September 20th
Wouldn't you love to know what secrets lie deep in the archive of the highly classified (and guarded) government files that supposedly exist at Area 51.  Area 51 remains a mystery to most, but come September 20th, that may all change.  Or not.  If you believe what has been trending on Facebook, over…