As if Friday night was not enough work for one weekend, I “decided” to do MORE on Saturday!

I need to once again, set the stage for how Saturday happened:

Backstory: When we moved in to our house, the landscaping was impeccable.  You would have thought the previous owners were landscapers.  It was GEORGEOS!

Sean McMaster

Enter McMasters!

We are more… “Enjoy life” kind of people.  We “keep up” but not nearly what these people did!  So over the years, things get over grown.  It happens, you do the best you can.

Andrea has always had a “master plan” for “fixing” the overgrown landscaping.  It includes pulling all the bushes out front and mulching.  Maybe adding a (in her words) “a cute little bench and some flowers.”  Fine, but not now!  There are more important things, like a hot tub!  Then in the backyard, she wants the shrubs in the back of the pool gone.  Too many bugs and they are pretty much dying!  Fine, but not now, There are more important things, like a hot tub!

Well, as you know, I got my hot tub!  And, I love it so much I go in every night….ok not the point here!

So, the hot tub goes in pushing Andrea’s “fix the yard” project to next year.  HA..based on Friday night, I should have known her plans would not wait.

The Hot Tub kind of disturbed our back yard.  Because of the work to get it there, we have dirt all around it and the wires against the house are now showing.  Not the view you want from the hot tub!  Ms “I need to fix this now” goes to Lowes (yeah Jimmie Johnson) and gets really nice fencing stuff to block the wires, plants flowers that looks great!  Things are looking good and we are done with the lawn we will fix things next year!  Phew!

Sean McMaster

NOW, I get up Saturday.  I am exhausted from putting the new office together, but I know the lawn needs to be mowed, so that is really all I have planned to do!

Out I go, I get on the mower and I drive past the front and I think to myself “If I hook a rope up the to the car I bet I can pull these bushes”.  So, off the mower I go and into the garage.

Long story short…HA…I start pulling the bushes up. After all, Andrea did make the back look good, I can TRY to do this for her.   The first 3 came out so easy, I even had an audience of 3 & 4 year olds cheering me on, so I keep going.  Bush 4, wouldn’t you know it, the rope snaps!  UGH…so now I have to pull them out by hand!

Back to the shed for my tools…and hours later, I have out the last 3.  My arms are a MESS, I think I pulled muscles I didn’t know I had, it’s hot, there is dirt all over me and ALL I WANTED TO DO TODAY WAS MOW THE LAWN!!!! But, the bushes are gone!

Old Winter View - New View

So, it’s back on the mower!  And then you know what happens…this is what I hear next: “DADDY you can’t go on the mower without me,” It’s Caden!  Ok. Ok…I grab him, set him on my lap and finally, the lawn gets mowed!

Sean McMaster

The front yard looks SO good now, it’s SO open!  Now all we have to do is wait for the mulch!

So, to recap, I JUST wanted to mow the lawn!!  But my second DIY project is complete!