DIY project a success…and I didn’t have to help!!

Andrea loves any “project.”  Which is why I get nervous when she says tell me she saw something “fun” on Facebook.  You’ll remember the garden project she thought she was "fun" and could do alone, and the mulching of the front yard which she thought was "fun" and could do on her own, even the “I’ll clean the gutters” trick she played on me to get me on the roof!  Well, this one, she managed on her own.

The initial video was on Tip Hero.  It showed multiple RE-uses for the snack size apple sauce containers paired with mason jars!  The applesauce container fits right into the mason jar and can be used so many ways to make breakfast, lunch and snacks a little easier.  As you see in the video you can store cereal for kids, dressing for salads or snacks to take to work and so much more.  You can get creative with this, but this one is her favorite – and Cadens favorite too!

Caden asked her to make these up for him when he goes to bed so he can get his own cereal in the morning!

Andrea also said you can get these mason jars at the Dollar Tree – so it’s a cheap DIY project too!!

You’re welcome, just trying to make your life a little easier!