Welcome to my Do It Yourself weekend!  I’m not a huge fan of DIY projects, I would much rather have someone else do it for me, but there are times, as you will read, that I need get them done!DIY Friday!

I need to set this one up for you, here is the background:

Friday afternoon, as I awake from my post work nap (fell asleep on the couch) Andrea is sitting at the kitchen island working.  Then, she is running up stairs, then back to the computer, and repeat.  I looked at her as she sat down and I could tell she was upset.  After getting the “I’m fine” and “nothing’s wrong” responses, I let it go.  After all, she said she was “fine.”  We all know that’s a lie!

After one more trip up and down the stairs….it happened…the breakdown.  see, since my Son left for college, we had some room switching…in the end, Andrea’s office and Ryan’s bedroom became one!  Well, he is back from school!  Apparently the sharing is not going well.  “I need files, I have to scan and send things, get reports out and it’s too hard having to run up and down stairs and wait til he answers the door”.  There was more but you get the point.  So, it’s time to move her office.  She started moving the desk (with Ryan’s help, not mine) and sure enough, it breaks.  This does not help the mood.  So, my relaxing Friday night is over.

Now, if you know Andrea, she tends to be an I can do it all RIGHT NOW person.  So, the new office needs to be done THAT night.  It’s off to staples we go!  We pick out a nice new desk and filing system, all while Caden is spinning in office chairs, yelling "look at me daddy" and "you try this one Mommy!" So, we go to check out.  Now,its more than she wants to spend, but we do have 20% off Coupons, so all is good.  WRONG!  The set we want is not in stock.  “We can ship it to your house for free”  they say.  Well, that’s not going to work,  Andrea needs it done!  So, back to shopping.  Finally (at least an hour in the store), we pick out another set which is in stock, phew, and we head home!  Oh and we saved $90 with her coupons!  As we are leaving I said, this will be a nice Saturday project.  WRONG AGAIN!  .

Here is how my “relaxing” Friday night went after that!

I grabbed the desk and started putting that together.  Side note: DO NOT break apart and styrophome pieces, they will stick to your hands and not come off you!  Then all of a sudden it’s snowing in your house!

Sean McMaster


Andrea grabbed the shelves and started putting that tighter.  We look SO happy doing this, don’t we?  Even Patches stepped in to help!

Sean McMaster


Then we worked together putting the drawer together.  And you would think with team work it would be the BEST piece of the set we put together?  Nope, it’s the least…but it works!

Sean McMaster

I don’t think we finished until 10 pm!  But, it’s put together and she instantly became her old self again! There is even a little seat for Caden to help Mommy when she cuts coupons!

Sean McMaster

If DIY project means happy wife, I guess it’s worth it! But I am NOT making it a habit!  (Until the next time!)